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Our Pet Care Consulting Services

At Morris Pet Care Consulting…

We believe that “one size does not fit all.” Every project, every owner and every situation is different and requires a customized consulting package. We believe that the most effective way to do this is to interview the client, understand his or her vision, evaluate his or her specific needs and the existing documentation such as plans, specifications, etc. Then Morris Pet Care Consulting will respond with a proposal that addresses all of the client’s requirements.

What if I’m Not Sure What I Need?

Often our clients are able to identify several areas where they believe we can help and, upon preliminary review of the existing documentation, we find other areas that can also provide high returns on investment. It is truly a team approach to the complicated and expensive nature of quality pet care facilities. Careful analysis of each area of the project results in dramatic long-term financial benefits that only come from experience.


Plan Review

For those who have architectural plans and a business plan, we will do a detailed analysis of each. Our main focus on the building plans is efficient layout, materials, products used, work flow systems and proper capacity.


For those looking to expand or renovate an existing facility, we will help you make the right decisions, always with an eye on minimizing costs and maximizing financial returns.

Existing Operation

If you just want to take your business to the next level and become more profitable, we will do a complete or specifically-targeted analysis of your present operation, e.g., customer service, efficiency, staffing, services offered, marketing and promotion, and pricing, and give you a detailed report of our recommendations.

Buying or Leasing

Let us help you determine the value and potential of an existing business you may be interested in purchasing. Let us guide you through the important questions that need to be asked and addressed prior to purchase. If you’re leasing a facility, we can help you review the lease and estimate your lease hold improvements.


For the client who is just starting his/her journey to enter the pet care industry, we can assist you regarding location, building layout, services offered and cost/profitability estimates and analysis, as well as helping you through the possible approval process.

Morris Pet Care Consulting, LLC will help take your business to the next level.

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