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...provide invaluable advice, wisdom, and experience

Working with MPCC has been a lifesaver.  It is helpful and comforting to talk to someone who has experienced a situation before, and it is even more helpful to have someone who is a national leader in providing pet care services helping to solve it.  Joanne and her team provide invaluable advice, wisdom and experience.

--Tania Isenstein, Camp Canine

“Morris Pet Care Consulting has helped our company for the last several years.  They have guided us on matters related to operations, profitability, real estate, facility design, and strategic planning.  The team’s experience and wealth of knowledge is amazing.  They have helped our company grow and have helped us position our company for future success.”

--Jake Romerom Folsom Dog Resort & Training Center

They are smart, articulate, experienced, responsive…

"Walt Morris and Howard Nestell bring literally decades of experience to the table and it shows. They are smart, articulate, experienced, responsive, easy to talk to, and always willing listen. And they tell you the truth even when you don’t want to hear it. They supported and guided me through the initial planning and design process of a large full service pet care facility and were not afraid to tell me to cancel the project once they realized the risks involved, saving me from myself. There is a difference between someone who does a good job versus someone who does a great job. These guys did a great job. I would recommend Walt and Howard to anyone looking to start or acquire a pet care business."

--Jeff Wood (Canada)

…they also helped change the way I look at my business.

When I first spoke with Morris Pet Care Consulting the main goals I wanted to achieve from working with them were to improve my procedures and personnel issues. Not only did they help me with that, but they also helped change the way I look at my business. They were extremely accessible, answering my phone calls and emails at any time of the day. They either always had an answer for my questions or provided me with great advice on how they would handle the situation. When I found myself in a desperate hiring situation, Joanne took it upon herself to come to my facility and help me with a full day of interviewing potential employees. This type of thoughtfulness and professionalism is what made working with Morris Pet Care consulting such a great experience. I would highly recommend Morris Pet Care Consulting to any pet care facility looking to improve their business.

--Matt Sellecchia, Owner, Paws and Play Pet Resort & Training Center

Shelly’s Pet Care Facility is no longer a vision but a reality!

I am happy to say Morris Pet Care Consulting played a significant role in our achievement. The approval process was a long haul in which your expertise was very valuable. Your industry knowledge and personal experience gave us first hand information which successfully assisted us throughout our planning and approval process. Your expert testimony before the Town Board of Adjustment was extremely well received and instrumental in getting our approvals. We really appreciated your advice and recommendations on the floor plans. They were right on the mark. Walter you have brought the pet care service industry to new heights. Morris Pet Care Consulting is an invaluable resource which we highly recommend to anyone pursuing a pet care facility.Thank you for your excellence.”

--Shelly Leibowitz, President, Shelly’s School for Dogs

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